Our Badge of Honour serves as a symbol of recognition and encouragement, acknowledging the dedication and talent of these weavers.

At Erode we are dedicated to the Badge of Honour, a symbol of pride and recognition for artisans and craftspeople around the world. We have had the privilege of working closely with Jamakkalam weavers, learning from their exquisite craft, and understanding the deep-rooted traditions behind their artistry. We appreciate your support to jamakkalam weavers. However, it is with a heavy heart that we acknowledge a bittersweet reality: our Badge of Honour often becomes their Badge of Guilt, as they hesitate to pass on their invaluable craft to the next generation. “Our badge of honour is their badge of guilt” is a thought-provoking Statement that highlights the harsh reality of the handloom weaving industry in India. The statement sheds light on the fact that handloom weavers, who were once celebrated as the guardians of India’s rich cultural heritage, are now struggling to survive due to the lack of support.

The Jamakkalam weavers have a rich heritage, with their skills passed down through generations, each thread woven with stories of their ancestors. Their intricate patterns and vibrant designs are a testament to their dedication, patience, and remarkable craftsmanship.

As we immerse ourselves in this world of weaving, we have come to realize the challenges faced by these talented artisans. It is disheartening to witness a gradual decline in the transmission of their craft to younger weavers. Many factors contribute to this unfortunate situation, ranging from economic pressures to changing societal dynamics. The younger generation, burdened by the prospects of uncertain livelihoods, often seeks alternative paths, distancing themselves from the traditional art form that their elders have so passionately preserved.

We understand the weight of responsibility that rests upon the shoulders of the Jamakkalam weavers. Their craft is not merely a means of livelihood; it is a connection to their cultural roots, a language through which they express their identity and aspirations. The choice to preserve or abandon this ancestral craft is deeply personal, intertwined with societal, economic, and emotional considerations.

As we collaborate with these remarkable artisans, we strive to create a platform that honours their skills, fosters appreciation for their work, and encourages the next generation to embrace the rich legacy of Jamakkalam weaving.

It is our collective responsibility to safeguard the heritage of these weavers, to ensure that their artistry thrives and finds a place in the future. Together, let us wear the Badge of Honour proudly, not only as a token of appreciation but also as a catalyst for change. With each thread we weave, we aim to bridge the gap between generations, passing on the torch of tradition and inspiring a renewed love for this timeless craft.

Join us on this journey of preserving cultural heritage, celebrating the artistry of the Jamakkalam weavers, and transforming their Badge of Guilt into a Badge of Empowerment. Together, we can create a future where their craft continues to shine brightly, igniting the imaginations of generations to come.